Six Degrees of Separation

While merrily strolling through the vast meadows of the cyberspace, I stumbled across an interesting and profound thought. “Six Degrees of Separation”

It’s plain and simple to explain. The theory says, every two people on this planet can be separated from one another by a maximum of six intermediary acquaintances, which means the farthest ‘you’ and ‘I’ can possibly ever be is just a trail of six people in between us. This sounds like crap the first time you hear it, but apparently they have done a couple of social experiments and kind of landed around the same number on an average. Now, there has been many reservations about the scope of these studies. As for me, I don’t advocate for this idea to be totally true. Nor am I saying that it’s just some vague idea that a philosopher came up with centuries ago, on a fine sunny afternoon lazing under the sun in his lawn, perhaps even smoking a cigar.

But what I really want to do is to take a moment off here…and think about it. Six People. Just six persons separate us, that’s all the difference we all have among any of us. Is that the distance all we are fighting with each other for? Is it worth to discriminate people if they are just 6 friends apart from you? In the severely meshed societal connection of today’s world, once you start counting in Facebook  friends as well, I think the trail is surely already shorter than 6 people.

Think about it!

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