Why we humans give up?

I often find myself pondering this question-

Why is it that we as free-willed human beings, capable of doing and possibly achieving all that we truly desire, still suffer? Why do we still yearn for something or someone and believe truly in our minds and hearts it is un-achievable? Why do we humans give up? On things, on people, on ourselves?

Given our free decision, free minds and free spirits, are we really free to pursue all our desires?

In a perfect sense of things, we should make all our decisions based on our desires, our wishes and most of all, our contentment.

Yet, we have holes in the stories of our lives- voids wide-open, which challenge us forever, showing that we, as human beings, are indeed incapable of many things. Quite contrary to what we strive to convince our mildly insecure selves?

For some, it’s the money and all it can provide. For some, it’s the special someone they lost on their way in their life. For others, it’s the way itself which is lost in life. For others, it’s simply the chains of expectations, of validations, most often than not, coming from others.

And we accept these holes, these stark deficiencies, albeit with varying amounts of sadness. Sometimes afraid, at times ashamed to talk, think about them.

We call it fate, destiny, kismet, karma, god’s will, what not…desperate attempts to rationalize, if you ask me.

Still nowhere close to answering.

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