A stretch of cloudless blue endlessness.
As if, an artist’s untouched canvas.

Endless, immovable blue chaos.
As if, an ancient old man’s restless childhood.

And I-
Puzzled with the thought:
Who is whose shadow?
Lying on the rock when I look far-
No boundaries on the horizon, no ends.
Who starts where, where who ends, no one knows.

Suddenly a wave with countless salt water drops approaches me-
It strikes the rock- shatters, spreads, but again adds up, turns and goes back.
I call out to it with my thought, no hopes to get an answer.

* * *

An unending noise born from non-existence.
Seems, it has a silly curse of continuous mayhem.

Life-giver, an unending energetic ball of fire.
Seems, it has a pointless habit of eternal punctuality.

And I-
Stood up on the rock, startled with an imaginary reality-
That, excited to answer back the wave turned back,
That, brighter with sun rays, the shimmering wave approaches me.
That it comes, strikes, shatters, spreads, but before adding-
Then shapeless, diffused, non-existent wave says to me-

Those whose boundaries you can’t see, doesn’t have to be bounded.
Those whose meaning you don’t know, doesn’t have to be useless.
And that because it’s in your imagination, doesn’t have to be a lie.

– Anubhav, 23 September 2014.
Translated from an old Hindi poem titled, “Kalpana”, written on 28 June, 2013.

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