Why we humans give up?

I often find myself pondering this question- Why is it that we as free-willed human beings, capable of doing and possibly achieving all that we truly desire, still suffer? Why do we still yearn for something or someone and believe truly in our minds and hearts it is un-achievable? Why do we humans give up? […]

Lost in Moments

29 December 2014 Somewhere between London and Zurich   Nothing was happening to suggest that I would even remotely enjoy the last stretch of my long and arduous journey to Zurich from Balangir. To Zurich, the city of tech innovation and of bankers, of efficiency and of precision, in the center of Europe. From Balangir, […]

What Plans?

When people asked me what plans I have for the New Year, I faced a dilemma. Should I answer telling them about the house party we have planned for New Years’ eve or should I share my plans for the new year ahead which, I feel, is about to embrace me any time soon? For […]

Rightfully wrong?

Sometime last year, while boarding a train with a friend, he requested me to spare the ‘right’ seat for him. I couldn’t understand what he meant but since he pointed to the seat I was about to hop on to, I obliged to let him have it and sat opposite. Few minutes later, when we had settled down; […]

Six Degrees of Separation

While merrily strolling through the vast meadows of the cyberspace, I stumbled across an interesting and profound thought. “Six Degrees of Separation” It’s plain and simple to explain. The theory says, every two people on this planet can be separated from one another by a maximum of six intermediary acquaintances, which means the farthest ‘you’ […]

Dreaming On

I wonder if this happens with everyone- The thing is that some days I just can’t gather myself up, can’t make myself get up from bed. Some days I just wish to keep dreaming on. I miss a few morning lectures, sometimes it hampers my schedule and plans…but I never regret it. While the Alarm […]

Why mirrors exist?

For some reason, mirrors have always intrigued me. They have a sublime mystery attached to them.Their silvery speckless sheen create an illusion for me. I wonder how human beings survived when there weren’t any. It’s not that I spend a large part of my day in front of a mirror, but it’s just that whenever […]

A City called Art

It’s said, well begun is already well done. This certainly wasn’t the case then. I was tired from my final exam, hadn’t had a blink of sleep the night before and literally had been to the Oral along with my backpack, ready to head straight off to the Airport. I was hungry, dead-tired, sleep-deprived and […]

Trip to Rapperswil: Rose Garden of Swiss

After a long time I had the time and opportunity to move out of Zurich, not counting the excursions to nearby Thalwil and Baden which were not exciting enough to describe, except perhaps the 3-hour long 3-course free dinner at Baden, thanks to Axpo AG, which we relished totally!! Yesterday I had a chance to […]

Fitting in…

Being in a foreign country for the first time is like playing a board game, except this time you really ARE into it!!! You get to have strange new money, move around strange new cities, have to eat strange new foods, experience strange new parties and meet strange new people. Last night while I was […]