The Hearing

(More than a lakh people were displaced upon the construction of India’s first multi-purpose dam, the majestic Hirakud Dam in Orissa. While laying its first concrete in 12th April 1948, our beloved first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru christened Dams as ‘Temples of Modern India’. But, even after more than six decades, the descendents of […]

4 years of Life

How to pack 4 years of one’s life into 4 bags??   I wish not to pack these clothes, rather the memories of times I shopped them with friends… I wish not to pack these books, rather the times we spent as 5 people pouring over a single one… I wish not to pack my […]

Fate of A Dewdrop

A lone dewdrop from heaven falling down and down, no idea where it shall land- Would it be the beak of a bird, quenching its overnight thirst, diminishing itself for salvation? Would it be on a red rose, waiting to be plucked by a lover for his love, wiped by the lovely hands?  

Yours emotionally…

I am a no man to talk emotions. The trifle existence of my being when subjected to the daunting task of writing something on human emotions, is shaken up by the sheer incoherence of the subject. I don’t understand emotions. I do what I feel I should do at that moment. And the second ‘I’ […]

Square One

Recently I came across an article in TOI, that said staggeringly high number of Bloggers seem to have taken a sorta break from the Blogosphere…so I am not the sole in the arena. Thank you world, for saving me from the disgrace. Think of the reason behind this change, I would point at MicroBlogs Twitter […]

Of Vobs, Fufs and Lads

Any guesses about what times I have loved, in studies only, the most during these two years of mine at NITR?? Well, you could say for the Freshers year, those can be the Pawan Sir’s classes, all because of my love for Physics. Then last year, those joyous ‘aha’ moments were the Sessionals. What a […]

It's Their Time…

The problem of insects in Hall-7 is the most talked of right now, the effects being quite evident in many faces. Complaints, petitions, Board Meeting talks, blogs, debates – these bugs have reached places not all can. But, have you ever thought from their side??? Our time has come, My friends- “Deep sleep clandestine ends, […]

The G-factor…

Be it the painful GPLs or the famous song of GMD or even the all-NIT fame jargon GMAT. All have a thing in common; well it’s not exactly a thing worth mention. Yeah, that’s the G. I don’t think there’s any need for any explanation as what G stands for. I don’t know where does this fascination […]

From Beta to Baap…

The transition from Beta to Baap was very tiresome, at least for me. The three lazy months of summer, with the scorching sun of Balangir drained me of all my senses. And eagerly, I looked forward to reach Rourkela to be a second-year (read: Sir). But then, on reaching here on a fine Monday Morning, […]