Lightless Diwali…

Things not always turn up the way we presume they would…. Many times, we face situations in life which shake up our faith in the Almighty…. The same “us” which used to be content leaving everything to God, starts to wonder where did things go wrong….

OverComin +1 De$IRE : A Confession

It all started on my first day @ NITR……The Admission Day…. The extra Amul Kool bottle that I got for a payment of Amul Kool already drank by me at the RengCol revealed to me a new facet of my life….. And then the trend continued…. The next victim was the Co-op store owner…And here […]


I didn’t have the faintest idea that two of my very few blog posts would be on those tiny arthropods…….But trust me, they have become an integral part of my life. WelCome to Insectopia…..the place of your dreads…….. The chilly feeling of something trickling down your body or something boring into your ears awaits u…

The Mahatma Lost…

  I’m not a die-hard follower of Gandhian talisman powered by his truth and non-violence like many of us who are a part of this so-called GenX. We regard his beliefs and actions as weak gestures seeking the pity of the oppressors taking advantage of the humane side of every human-being. At least, I do. I feel all […]

The Man and the Vision

Abul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam , the 11th President of India popularly known as the Missle Man of India hails from the small temple town of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. Son of a poor boat owner, Dr. Kalam spent his childhood in close relationship with Nature. Many texts are dedicated solely to this great man’s […]